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Adjustable Desk Armrest Bracket

Adjustable Desk Armrest Bracket

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Simple installation and portability. Desks up to 2 inches thick can be attached by unscrewing the attachment.

High quality – Strong plastic pad with soft surface cushion atop, sustaining up to 11 lbs., relieving 90% of the weight carried by your elbows. Stretchable to a maximum of 13.3 inches.

Ergonomically Designed - The elbow pad and one of the brackets are both 360 degree movable, allowing for 180 degree horizontal adjustments. allowed for unfettered movement with both the right and left hands, providing a wide enough range of motion to accommodate any seated position.

Health - Reduce strain and pain in the eyes, shoulders, wrists, and neck areas brought on by prolonged computer use and hours spent staring at the screen, hence reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Specifically created for frequent computer users, including gamers, designers, office workers, and IT professionals.


Material: Aluminum alloy material 5th gear adjustable 360 rotation

Color: Black

Type of accessories: bracket

Packing list:

Adjustable Desk Armrest Bracket *1 

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