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Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste

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Oil stains may be swiftly penetrated and broken down by stainless steel cleaning cream's active ingredients. It also works quickly and effectively to remove oxidation and rust stains from stainless steel utensils and surfaces.

Appliances include ceramic bathroom fixtures, car glass mist, yellow bath crocks, vehicle wheel hubs, clean kitchenware, ovens, pans, cookware, and stovetops.

Product Features: Powerful stain removal, natural and safe, quick and efficient cleaning without water, can care for stainless steel and chrome-plated products in addition to removing filth.

Simple to Use: Wet the sponge, then massage it with our cleaning. For a beautiful, mirror-like finish, polishing, rinsing, and drying may be done in a matter of seconds.

Remove Stains: Quick and effective elimination of rust stains, stainless steel utensil oxidation layer, and extremely difficult stains from stainless steel surfaces.


Product weight: 200g / 500g

Material: Stain removing soft crystals + fragrance

Shelf life: 3 years

Suitable for: for stainless steel, kitchenware, pan bottom, hoods, stainless steel rust, burn marks, heavy kitchen grease, tile stains, tiles, toilets, appliance housings etc

Capacity: 200G without sponge,500G without sponge

Packing list:

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste x 1

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