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Shortcut Keys Mouse Pad

Shortcut Keys Mouse Pad

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The mouse pad is big enough to fit your keyboard, mouse, and other items. Extended mouse pads can make it easier for you to handle your PC and safeguard your desk, whether you want to play games or are simply wanting to increase your productivity.

This mouse pad is printed with shortcuts, making it an excellent tool for your work and significantly increasing productivity. The mouse pad may be used for a long time thanks to the circle edge stitching, which keeps the top layer from fraying.

To reduce contact with the table and safeguard it, you can set the keyboard and mouse on the mouse pad.

Anti-skip rubber covers the bottom base of the mouse, keeping it from shifting and sliding.


Type: Game, Keyboard Pad, Gaming Mouse Pad, Ordinary Mouse Pad, Advertising Mouse Pad, Office, Personalized Customized Products

Material: Rubber + cloth

Single-sided double-sided: Single-sided

Features: Non-slip, calculator mouse pad, other

Process: Thermal transfer printing

Packing list:

Mouse pad * 1

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