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Roller Muscle Massager

Roller Muscle Massager

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Deep Tissue Massager – Offering self-massager trigger point relief

Can be used on the arms, Legs forearms, Neck,calves, and other sore or aching areas.

Rolling our body massager over your muscles, can help relieve stress, reduce aches and pains, and minimize soreness

Saving effort, portable, fits human body design.

Compact, Lightweight and Portable –can be used at home, when you’re at the gym, or while traveling or on vacation

Designed for the execution of demanding sports medicine, physical therapy and high-volume Pilates and yoga training, the highest density roller is the black MSG foam roller.

To relieve tension or injured muscles, perform active release therapy for trigger points and knots, soft tissue self-massage and wound pain.

Professionals use high-density rollers to untie the heavier muscles of the lower limbs, including the protruding band (IT band), piriformis, hamstrings or quadriceps.

Super easy to use, no help from others.

It is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has a long service life.


Material: ABS plastic

Color: Pink, Blue, Black

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