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Outdoor Pressurized Individual Water Purifier

Outdoor Pressurized Individual Water Purifier

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Simple to use, portable, and portable weight. includes a comprehensive instruction handbook, a hose, and a carry bag.

To acquire clean, drinkable water, just submerge the pre-filter in a fresh water source and push the handle up and down.

You can get clean water quickly with the Portable System because to its ultra-rapid 200 ml/minute flow rate.

Your water will be pure and healthful thanks to an absolute inline filter that removes several pollutants.

Excellent for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and trekking since it rapidly and efficiently transforms rainwater, lake water, and river water into potable water.


Working principle: Ultrafiltration

Water treatment machine category: Water purifier

Filter element: Hollow fiber

Number of filter elements: Level 1

Efficacy: Direct drinking

Water purification effect: In addition to rust, sediment, organic matter, bacteria, insects and algae

Filtration level: Level 1 filtration

Water outlet mode: Single water outlet

Replaceable filter element: Yes

Material: Food grade ABS

Accessories type: Water purifier filter element

Color: Green

Packing list:

Water purifier*1

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