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NV Smart Trash Can ( 15,5 Liter )

NV Smart Trash Can ( 15,5 Liter )

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NV is the World’s First trash can that seals and changes the trash bag for you. Every Trash Can includes one refill ring that contains up to 25 trash bags.

Main Features

Self-Sealing and Self-Changing: Automated technology engineered to keep your hands clean

Removable Refill Rings: Each Refill Ring contains 25 durable liners, each lasting approximately one month.

Advanced Sealing Technology: The built-in thermoplastic sealing technology automatically seals the trash bag inside to guarantee no spilling or exposure to any bad odor

Rechargeable Battery: Full charge that will last for a month

Overload Feature: Detects when the trash can is full, and it seals automatically



Product Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lb)

Package Weight: 5.1 kg (11.4 lb)

Product Size: 240 x 310 x 402 mm (9.4 x 12.2 x 15.8 in)

Packing Size: 293 x 343 x 463 mm (11.5 x 13.5 x 18.2 in)

Charging time: 10 Hours

Battery specification: 12V 2.2AH

Adapter Specifications: 8 V 0.65 A

What's in the Box?

1 NV Trash Can

1 Removable Refill Ring (25 Trash Bags)

1 Power Adapter (US Plug / EU Plug / UK Plug /AU Plug and USB charger cable)

User Manual and Warranty

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