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Multifunctional Mold Remover Gel

Multifunctional Mold Remover Gel

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Size: net content of 180 ML
Material: water, resin, aluminum oxalate
100% new and high quality.
Material: contains water, resin composition, the surface is smooth, for tiles, tiles away and the tiles can be rubbed together to prevent the black mold.


1. Clean the tile gap first.
2. Shake the beauty agent upside down for 20 seconds, cut off the tip of the mouth, then align the gap and slowly squeeze the dough.
3. after smoothing, dry naturally.
4. After opening the product, the cap should be tight, stored in a cool, dry place. The tip cover should be cleaned after use to avoid clogging the tip and affect the next use.

Outer box size: 45*45*18cm

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