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Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner

Magnetic Window Glass Cleaner

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To properly clean glass without breaking it, we've created various suction window cleaners for different glass thicknesses. Choose the item based on your needs, This cleaner is designed specifically for windows that are thick and is made of super-magnetic, double-thick glass.

Clean double side of the window at the same time: Stay in the room to cleans the inside and outside window at the same time because of the magnetic design. Ideal for home windows, greenhouses, car windows, conservatories etc..

Super high quality: Made of material suitable for automobile wipers, soft and durable, detachable, with a right-angle scraper edge for simple dead corner dirt removal. strong, reliable, and resistant to drops.


Material: fine fiber, ABS, magnet
Type: Double-sided wipe
Suitable vehicle types: windows, lounges, offices, cars
Color: Blue, Green, Red
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