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Magnetic Levitation Colorful Bluetooth Subwoofer

Magnetic Levitation Colorful Bluetooth Subwoofer

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3D Surround Effect: Special sound guide cone designed to offer a distinctive timbre.

Sense of Science: The speaker floats over 2 inches from the base, and will spin indefinitely once started. It Can be a speaker or a desk lamp.

Gorgeous Light: The D creates a gradient ramp light that looks quite fancy that can create a dreamlike atmosphere in the dark.

Advanced Charging Mode: It is common that Bluetooth products all have short time of endurance. Hence this product is design with


Frequency response: 105- -200K Hz
Function: Magnetic levitation LED lighting Bluetooth music player
Distortion: <1%
Bluetooth: 4.0 (UK CSR chip)
Sex to noise ratio: 85dB
Receiving distance: 8- 10m
Product size: overall height 34.1cm diameter 18.5cm
Speaker size: 15” (40mm)
UFO speaker size: 13.8x4.6cm
Speaker power: 5W
Base size: platform 18.5x3cm speaker base 18.5x28cm
Number of speakers: 1
Product weight: UFO 307.5g base 860g
Charging time: 4 hours
Product power: 1200mA3.7v
Base input voltage: 15v
UFO battery life: 8 hours (UFO alone use time)
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