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Instant Eye Bag Removal

Instant Eye Bag Removal

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Silky texture is non-sticky once applied and gives off a dewy effect when smeared.

Simple to absorb and effective at retaining moisture. Make skin around the eyes more elastic, firm, and sensitive.

Reduce the development of microgrooves, postpone skin aging, fight expression wrinkles and other dynamic lines, and let skin regain its smoothness and fineness.

Ideal for a variety of skin types.


Shelf Life: 3 Years

Net Content: 1 (G/Ml)

Ingredients: Glycerin

Product Form: Paste

Applicable Skin Type: Ladies, Men, Neutral, General, Oily, Dry, Mixed

Cosmetic Efficacy: Moisturizing, Brightening Skin Tone, Moisturizing, Firming

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