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Anti-Slip Bed Sheet Holder

Anti-Slip Bed Sheet Holder

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When contacting the body, the texture is soft and does not feel cold. Strong, sturdy, and wear-resistant ABS plastic for the bottom.

There won't ever be blankets, duvets, or quilts all over the place when you wake up. Your quilt won't move around inside the duvet throughout the night thanks to these anchoring mechanisms.

These clips are stronger than regular clips and gentler on your sheets.

It is really simple to remove because you can just click the button to unlock it when you want to.


Product category: Storage clip
Material: Plastic
Style: 1 package, 6 packages
Color: Vibrant orange
Size: 8 * 3.5 * 1.8cm

Packing list:
Sheet storage clip * 1pcs/6pcs

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