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Groove Cleaning Brush

Groove Cleaning Brush

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This Groove Cleaning Brush Will Make Cleaning Your Home Easier!

The Groove Cleaning Brush is specially designed to reach those boring places to clean.

Made of durable thermoplastic and microfiber cloth, the corners of the sink, stove, edges and tracks of windows will no longer be a problem!

What You "ll Get:

  • Ideal for cleaning edges & tracks of windows

  • Save time and water when cleaning the brush

  • Does not cause pain in the hands!

  • Extremely durable brush
Ideal For Cleaning Edges & Tracks Of Windows

Save Time And Water When Cleaning The Brush

Thanks to the microfiber cloth, the Magic Window Groove cleaning brush is quick to clean, saving time and water!

With a quick wash, it's ready to be used again!

Does Not Cause Pain In The Hands!

It has a perfect design and size for your hand!

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