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Flying Water Jet Rocket

Flying Water Jet Rocket

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Item: rocket launcher toys

Material: ABS, EVA

Size: 28.5*18cm

Package weight: 750g


1.[Durable Material] The rocket sprinkler is made of environmentally friendly ABS material, safe and sturdy, durable and perfect for giving your kids or pets lots of fun on hot summer days.

2.[Sprinkler Rocket] Connect the garden hose to the thrust controller to make the rocket rise and balance on the water stream. Once the rocket is balanced to where you want it, water sprays out of the rocket's nose cone, wetting those who dare to run under it.

3.[Water spraying toy] The rocket water sprayer is designed in the shape of a rocket, which looks very cute and cool, and the bright colors can attract children to play water games happily in the lawn, backyard or yard.

4.[Easy to operate] Step 1: Connect the hose (if the hose provided is not long enough, you can equip the hose with a universal connector); Step 2: Connect the hose to the faucet outlet in the yard; Step 3: Turn the valve and tighten it! Step 4: Installation is complete! Note: Please open the valve of the faucet slowly. The higher the water pressure, the faster the rotation, the higher the height of the jet.

5. [DIY sticker] When you get the product, you will find that the sticker is not first attached. Please don't worry, we will put the stickers in the product package, you can decorate the stickers by yourself and paste them according to your favorite position to make the rocket toy more beautiful. Different from other people's rocket toys.

6. Easy to assemble: first connect the joints at both ends of the hose. Insert the connector into the launch base, put down the other connector and fix it at the outlet of the faucet. Place the rocket on the launch base and slowly open the faucet. As the water pressure increases, the rocket will rotate upward for takeoff.

Packing list:


1* Base connector

1 * Faucet connection

1 * 3M water pipe

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