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DIY Sushi Maker

DIY Sushi Maker

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1. Easy to lock and load: Open the sushi roll bazooka, put rice and other vegetables and meat in it, close the mold, squeeze the sushi roll and slice to get the perfect sushi making kit for beginners.

2. Health and Safety: All the ingredients in the sushi making kits are made of safe food grade high quality PP material and BPA-free plastic, which means they are safe and healthy to use.

3 Save you time and money: Use our sushi making tools to ensure your rolls are perfectly round, fast and easy, so you can easily make the perfect sushi kit deli board at home.

4. Exquisite design: Compact design, easy to use, even suitable for children, can be used to make sushi, is the perfect family gift for friends and beginners who love sushi, and also suitable for large parties.

5. Sushi is a must for happy family gatherings. A must-have tool to accompany your kids: a sushi roll bazooka. You can have more interaction and companionship with your child.

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Product category: DIY mold

Material: plastic

Function: manual home

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Sushi mold*1


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