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Castle Night Light & Corner Protector

Castle Night Light & Corner Protector

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Smart Corner Protection Lights: Motion-sensitive castle night lights has been designed with a unique corner-shaped design that can fit into any corner of your room or other furniture. The light emits a soft glow and gives off a pleasant nighttime ambiance, making it an ideal addition to any room. Decorate your home in the dark, and give you intimate protection.

Motion & Daylight Dual Sensor: The motion sensor automatically switches the light on when movement is detected within a 3-meter range. And the light will automatically turn off when you leave or stop moving after 40 seconds. The daylight sensor detects when there is still enough daylight so that the light does not turn on until you need them.

Wide Lighting Visibility: The 10 LED energy-efficient little bulb easily detecting motion up to 3 meters and within a 120-degree-wide zone. It can illuminate and removes the dark corners of your home, it creates a warmer appearance to your home, guide you through the darkness.

Rechargeable & Long-lasting: 3 hours charging can be used for about 1 month in motion sensor mode under average household usage, or it can provide up to 4 hours of continuous lighting. *USB cable is included, Not include the charger.

Detachable & Convenience: The magnet is integrated into the back of the light. It can be snapped onto any magnetic metal shelf, or just use the included adhesive mounting strip for other surfaces. Snap-on installation, no hard-wiring.

Product information :

Input Voltage:5V - 1A
Rated power:2w (10*0.2W/LED module)
Operating current:300mA
Material: ABS, acrylic
Sensing range: frontal horizontal 120° around 3M range


Packing list :

Night Light*1 Set

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