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Astronaut Galaxy Projector

Astronaut Galaxy Projector

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It’s sometimes hard to enjoy the stars through a telescope every night, and not everyone can get access to professional astronomical telescopes. Every fan of astronomy or science fiction out there likes to have a part of the universe in their own home. Standing under a dark sky and looking up at the constellations above is one of the joys of astronomy. For those nights you can’t venture out, the Astronaut Galaxy Project is a great item of home decor for any astronomy or space fanatic.

The Astronaut Galaxy Project is a device that projects the cosmos on any surface. It will bring the universe to life, filling your home with stars, constellations, and galaxies. The device is interactive and captures different patterns of light with sharp, bright images that are both realistic and HD. It can spark curiosity in children—or anyone else—and bring the night sky inside.



COMPACT: The Astronaut Galaxy Projector will transform any room into a spectacular celestial backdrop, providing an entirely new meaning to the term ‘home observatory’. This compact and unique device has a simple and clean design, which can be separated into two parts for easy storage. The two sections are magnetically connected, enabling you to adjust the 360° projection angle and focus your projector to better suit your space. In addition, the arm is highl adjustable, with a detachable base that makes it more stable. 


 ✅MULTI-USE: The Astronaut Galaxy Project is so much more than just a nightlight. Not only can it make you feel like you are in a vast galaxy, but it also creates a romantic atmosphere. It's also a great light show that helps you drift off to sleep.

MULTIPLE GALAXY EFFECTS: One lamp, with eight different projection effects, you can choose from galaxies and stars. With a simple touch of the remote, you can change the color of the sky.

SMART CONTROLS: The brightness and speed of the stars are adjustable, remote control can control the on/off of the modes of nebula and starlight. You can adjust the brightness, change the light mode, and it can display a variety of nebula effects. And you can also adjust the speed and brightness of the nebula.

 ✅EFFORTLESS TIMING:The Astronaut Galaxy Projector automatically shuts down after 45 or 90 minutes and it has settings where you can easily adjust the time frame.


1.  Plugged into any regular USB port. 

2. Turned on the power button. 

3. Enjoy the space experience inside your home. 


We know how frustrating it can be to have limited access to a planetarium and not be able to go outside and see the stars yourself. Every fan of astronomy or science fiction out there likes to have a part of the universe in their own home. It is disheartening to know that a professional device can cost thousands of dollars.

With the Astronaut Galaxy Projector, we can now enjoy the stars without the expensive price of a planetarium device. The Astronaut Galaxy Project is a closer you can get to a science-based planetarium-style experience. You can project stars and constellations on your walls and bring this beautiful galaxy to life in your own home. 



Length x Width x Height: ‎4.72 x 3.94 x 8.86 inches (12 x 10 x 22.5 cm)




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