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3 in 1 Car Window Breaker

3 in 1 Car Window Breaker

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Keychain shape, compact and easy to carry

The window breaker is powerful and can easily break the car glass

The seat belt cutter is sharp, and the seat belt can be easily cut in danger

1 : Cut the seat belt : Pull out the escape device quickly from the key chain,then pull out the buckle,align the blade to the seat belt,cut it off quickly and get out of the emergency,

2 : The car outside the emergency self-help,the escape device placed in the corner of the window,press the escape device to the end,heard the bang,broken the glass,emergency escape,


Material : ABS + Alloy

Size : 83*36*22mm ( 3.17*1.42*0.87 inch )

Color : Black/Red/Blue ( three colors can be selected )

Package : Carton

Package Included:

1*Window Breaker

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