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5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Every Car Owner

If you’re a car owner, you may need some extra help from your phone when you’re on the road. Sure, you can use your smartphone to pay for parking, keep track of your trips, and even find out where a certain restaurant is, but that’s just scratching the surface of the app’s potential. Here are 5 must-have apps for car owners.

The Waze Mobile App lets you create custom routes for your car, and it works with your phone to help you find the quickest and smoothest route to your destination, with directions on how to navigate the streets, traffic, & road closures in the area. Whether you’re looking for a new route to the grocery store or an alternate way to get from your house to the nearest Dunkin Donuts, Waze is the best mobile app to get you there.

Android: Waze
IOS: Waze

GasBuddy is a “gas price reporting and tracking” service that sends you alerts about the cost of gas in your area. Not only can you track gas prices by zip code, you can use GasBuddy to find out when the average gas price in your area will be dropping, or rising.

Android: GasBuddy
IOS: GasyBuddy

BestParking helps you in locating and booking the most cost-effective parking. You can reserve a convenient place using the BestParking app, whether you’re seeking for cheap parking near your job downtown or the best airport parking before your vacation.

Android: Best Parking
IOS: Best Parking

Find My Parked Car allows you to save your exact parking position and access it whenever you need it. After you’ve parked your car, press the park button to preserve your location. You can open the app and view your car’s exact location later if you need to know where you parked it.

Android: Find My Parked Car
IOS: Find My Parked Car

If you want to keep track of your car expenses and keep up with maintenance, Drivvo is the app for you. The simplest feature needs you to enter your miles every time you fill up your tank, and it keeps track of how much your car costs to run overtime. This makes future car-related expenses much easier to budget for.

Android: Drivvo – Car management
IOS: Drivvo – Car management
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