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5 Cleaning Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Cleaning apps are great to help us organise housekeeping tasks for the day, set up checklists for each room, and even pass on chores to other household members. But which ones are the best to download?
To help you keep on top of your cleaning tasks like a pro, we've researched the best easy-to-use applications that will help you efficiently get your house in order.

Suitable for both iOS and Android, the Tody app helps users to easily manage their household cleaning tasks. It aims to motivate users by turning cleaning into a fun game. As well as notifications to encourage you throughout the day, it will also offer the chance to claim credit for your actions.

On the app store, on user said: 'I love this app! My house has never been so clean. You don't realise sometimes that something you thought you did "last week" was really "last month". This app really helps me keep track, especially of less frequent tasks that tend to get forgotten.
Clean My House

This clever free app aims to help you organise your homes and schedule errands, too. The app will remind you each morning what needs to be that done that day to help you gradually tick off your to-do list. Whether you live alone or have a large household, Clean My House exists to provide help and order to all who need it.

It's great for people who love making lists but prefer the nudge from daily notification reminders.

The Cleaning Checklist app enables users to organise their cleaning tasks clearly, thanks to a simple checklist. Divided into rooms, it provides a fuss-free way to keep track of what needs to be done. From wiping down surfaces to cleaning windows, it helps people easily manage their chores.

But that's not all: it also gives you the opportunity to upload your checklist and share it with friends and family. Got a housemate who doesn't help with housework? You can send them the checklist to work through.

This useful app helps you to manage tasks, family events, track shopping lists and stay organised. Whether it's housework or homework, Our Home aims to ensure families manage daily life without any additional stresses. As well helping adults, this app is great for kids, too. Show children the tasks and get them to tick it off once complete. If you're in need of a motivator, this is the app to try.

One user said: 'This app has done wonders for organisation at my house! The reward system is easy to customise to your particular family. My kids have really taken to it as well.'

Making to-do lists just got a whole lot easier. Whether you're planning a deep clean or need to organise a dinner party, Do! is an app which allows you to stay motivated and on track. Simply enter what needs to be done and tick if off as you complete each task.

One user wrote: 'This app deserves appreciation. It's easy and straightforward, grouping your information and letting you also see it all in one place.'
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