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4 Educational Game Apps For Your Kids

Learning should be fun, and there are a lot of great ways of making learning fun for your kids. Tablets are becoming more and more popular among kids of all ages, and with the growing popularity of educational apps for kids, they have become a great tool for learning.

4 Educational Game Apps For Your Kids
1. MentalUP Educational Games

MentalUP Educational Games is one of the best educational games for kids because it is both entertaining and educational. Parents love this learning games app because it allows their children to create and operate their own cars, cranes, rocket ships, aircraft, helicopters, tanks and more.

The games are really fun to play with your child while challenging the skills which they are designed to stretch. Each game begins with a short and to the point instruction and then the timed exercise begins. Choose your level of difficulty and enjoy the challenge of this interactive game for kids.

Players (or their parents) can personalize gameplay towards helping certain skills and to take the child's age into account. A reports page provides a record of accomplishments and progress.

A player avatar can also be upgraded with cosmetic items by spending the in-game currency that is earned through success.


Why parents love this app

Improves Tests Memory, Logical Reasoning, Visual Intelligence


4 Educational Game Apps For Your Kids
2. LogicLike: Kids Learning App

LogicLike is a kids game app with a variety of 2,500+ unique brain teasers and puzzles put into a logical order. The games have been thoroughly handpicked and packed to ensure you won't get bored and will get valuable skills.

Their in-house learning specialists have structured learning tracks that will help you start where you are and gradually improve. This step-by-step course will help you develop skills evenly.

The games include math problems, spatial thinking games, logical problems, smart counting, memory, and other entertaining and engaging puzzles for kids.


Why parents love this app

Improves Logical Thinking, Problem solving skills


4 Educational Game Apps For Your Kids
3. Coco - Educational Games

Coco - Educational Games is one of the best educational games for kids. Kids have to solve various educational puzzles and memory games.

Kids involve in an interactive experience by running, flying, jumping by playing little mini-games.

The visuals are lovely, but it's how they mix them with sound effects that makes this game so awesome.

This fun free game teaches kids to recognise basic numbers and letters, as well as to learn about colours, words, shapes and even their first sounds.


Why parents love this app

Improves Creativity, Cognitive Development, Thinking & Reasoning


4 Educational Game Apps For Your Kids
4. Toca Blocks

If you're looking for the best educational games for kids you need to check out, the Toca Blocks learning game app. Toca Blocks learning games for kids have the appearance of a platform game, but it's really more about world-building and discovery. We think Toca Block is one of the best kids games app because it is an open-ended creative play and educational games app designed to nurture a child’s imagination and analytical skills.


They can also get silly as they use blocks to build worlds that stretch their imaginations and add infinite personal touches that express their unique sense of creativity. Any stories kids tell about the world they create or the characters who explore that world takes learning even further.

Much of the joy in the game comes from experimentation and just seeing what happens, such as when blocks combine to form something new, or a character starts dancing when walking over a glittery floor. 


Why parents love this app

Improves Brainstorming, imagination, innovation, making new creations


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